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Things We Do

Family and Community Engagement's primary responsibilities are to collect data,  promote volunteer opportunities, and empower families throughout the District.  We also support other activities and opportunities that are centered around helping our students through supporting families.

Data collection - Data collection is required throughout the academic year.  We collect data through numerous surveys, polls, and other activities.

Empower Families - The heart of family and community engagement is the ongoing empowerment of families to engage in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication, planning, advising, decision-making, and implementing activities to improve academic quality and student performance and build capacity among all stakeholders.

Promote Parental Involvement and Volunteerism - Alexander City Schools has a rich history of parental involvement and volunteerism.  Our goal is to engage families and the community to promote opportunities for parents/ families to be present for their students, volunteers to find the best way to use their talents in the schools, and to envision new ways to for our students, families, and community to be connected.

Things We Support

Alexander City Schools believes that actively engaged parents and communities are a critical components to improving student achievement. Family and Community Engagement offers a variety of programs and support for parents, families, and community stakeholders to increase involvement, be empowered, and get be engaged!

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) - PTO  is a parent organization that provides a well-resourced platform for parents and teachers to work together for the benefit of students. PTOs at each school create a clear strategy to ensure teachers and parents work closer together to advocate for our schools and children.

Parent Nights - Each school offers various parent nights to connect families, students and the school. Parent Nights are usually focused on an important topic needing to be addressed.


Academic Parent Teacher Teams (APTT) - APTTs are a model of family engagement to maximize family-school collaboration to improve student growth and achievement.


Community Engagement RV - Alexander City Schools has a community engagement RV. This vehicle is designated to provide in community opportunities for stakeholder relationship building, providing resources, tools, and opportunities in the community, and overall increasing the capacity of our families.

Faith-Based Partnerships - As part of our volunteer development faith-based partners are encouraged to organize volunteers and mentors; share district information and updates; encourage enrollment; assist with beautification projects; develop school-based pantries; and/or lead clothing and toy drives. 


Parent Academy - The goal of Parent Academy is to provide parents with the tools and skills to build the capacity and confidence to support students academically, socially, and emotionally. All classes are free and offered in convenient locations to meet parents where they are. 

Meta Parent Calendar - Alexander City families are among the most supporting of their students. To help parents and families better plan around their multiple children in different schools we put together a meta parent calendar for the school year.

Monthly Parent Newsletter - We call the Wildcat Be There newsletter and averages over 2500 viewers. The purpose of the monthly newsletter is to share information and resources with our families.

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